Found Lost Property? Return It, Claim Your Reward — and Stay Anonymous!

With Phinder, you’ll never have to worry about meeting with the owner and explaining where you found their property or how it got into your hands. Our lost property delivery system ensures you always stay anonymous and can choose between gift vouchers or cash rewards via bank transfer, PayPal or BTC. Your good deed will also earn a free Phinder tag with a 1-year subscription along with a free monthly prize draw — and the chance to win an even bigger prize. You can also decline the reward and donate it to a charity of your choice, but don’t forget about your prize draw — where big winnings are on us!

Don’t Leave Home Without Phinder

Users protected with our lost phone locator can enjoy an extra measure of security on all of their mobile items including phones, laptops, wallets, handbags, backpacks, and other personal possessions that have a tendency to slip out or get left behind. When good Samaritans do find a lost phone, returning it to its rightful owner is often easier said than done. Lock screens and lack of identification can leave your item in some unknown phone lost and found — practically a donation bin for used electronics.

With Phinder, your item is equipped with a clear-and-visible sticker attached by a powerful adhesive so it doesn’t fall off. When someone finds a lost phone or property, they’ll notice the phone finder tag and can visit our website to enter the attached serial number. Phone finders are anonymous, and they’ll learn about their reward even before returning the lost item. This gives people the incentive to return a lost phone to its owner,just in case they’re on the fence — and need a little push!

How It Works

Phinder creates an anonymous link between the owner and finder of lost property through an accessible, reward-based locator platform with24/7 lost phone mediation and delivery features.

Finding a Lost Phone or Property

Have you ever picked up a lost item and couldn’t find out who it belonged to? With Phinder, you don’t have to peek at screens or dig through possessions to find out what to do next.

Here’s how it works:

  • Locate the Phinder tag on the lost property.
  • Go online and visit
  • Look for the serial number on the Phinder tag and enter it on the website.
  • You will be notified of a lost property collection reward for the item.
  • Enter your information to receive your choice of cash, coupons, or vouchers.
  • Get instructions from the Phinder logistical team for a secure pickup or delivery of the item.
  • Transfer the lost item to the Phinder team to receive your phone finder’s reward along with 1 x entry to a monthly prize draw and a free Phinder security tag with 1 year registration.
  • You may choose to decline the finder’s reward and make a donation to a charity of your choice through Phinder instead.
  • Feel free to hashtag #PhinderRewards on social media to earn a free spin on our lottery wheel and the chance to win big!

Losing a Phone or Property

Have Phinder? Then don’t panic!

With Phinder, whoever finds your lost phone or property will have all the means to return it — with your reward as the cherry on top!

Here’s how it works:

  • Purchase a Phinder sticker
  • Register the Phinder sticker on
  • Place it securely on your phone or property.
  • If the item gets lost, notify Phinder of your lost property and set a finder’s reward amount.
  • Phinder will await contact with anyone that comes across your property.
  • When your item is collected from the finder, your reward payment will be processed.
  • Your lost phone or property is delivered back to you in as little as 24 hours of pickup .
  • Feel free to hashtag #PhinderRewards on social media to earn on our lottery wheel and the chance to win big!