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Frequently Asked Questions.

By Finders of Lost Property:

Returning a lost phone or property with Phinder is quick and easy. Just come back to this website ( and enter the code found on the sticker in the REPORT FOUND field at the top and bottom of every page. You will be prompted to provide your email address for notification. Please do so, and then click submit.

The Phinder ID you have submitted will be immediately processed and the owner of the lost property will be notified that it has been found. You may then follow the link provided via email to return to the website and arrange a lost phone or property collection with our logistics team by agreeing to a date, location, and time. The owner will need to provide the reward and collection costs for the item’s return.

You may alternatively be asked to receive a prepaid post and packaging parcel kit for the delivery of the item via post box or post office (this may occur if Phinder members have travelled to a location where our logistics members are unavailable to personally receive the item). You will not be asked to pay any postage and we hope that any time costs will be more than reimbursed by the reward offered by the owner.

Phinder will not collect any lost property until its owner has confirmed the loss and deposited the reward to our processing department. For this reason, we appreciate your patience in awaiting a reply once you have submitted the lost property tag and your email address (which will be used to notify you).

No. The beauty of the Phinder network is you will not be required to meet with or talk to the lost property owner at any time. Through anonymity, Phinder allows both parties to focus on what matters most — doing a good deed and recovering lost property quickly and without a hassle.

Not through Phinder. Our platform does not disclose your information or the information of the lost property owner thus ensuring the safety and anonymity of both parties.

No. The purpose of Phinder is to offer security and peace of mind for both owners and finders of lost property. Mutual privacy between parties ensures a swift resolution to lost property retrieval and complete user satisfaction. Any personal information provided by either party, such as their contact info, location, and other details, are not shared with anyone else in accordance with our Terms & Conditions. You may choose to share your experience with Phinder on social media to receive additional prize draws, but this will never be done without your prior consent.

In the case the Phinder tag number is not registered with our database, please contact your local police department’s non-emergency number and follow their instructions to hand over the item to lost and found.

Yes! Every successful return of lost property with Phinder comes with a reward offered by the owner. The reward amount is determined by the owner and is visible to the finder once the property has been confirmed lost. Finders will receive their reward upon successful transfer of the lost item along with a free Phinder security tag, a free 1-year subscription, and 1 x entry into a monthly prize draw inclusive of a grand prize and runner-up prizes.

You may choose between gift vouchers for the purchase of Phinder products or cash rewards via bank transfer or PayPal. You may also choose to decline your reward and name a charity of your choice as its recipient.

You will receive your rewards within 24 hours from the time the owner signs a disclaimer after the lost property has been transferred to the Phinder logistical team (in the case of mail-in, this will occur when the Phinder team has received the package through the mail).

The successful return of a lost phone or property with a Phinder security tag will include a free Phinder security tag with registration for 1 year. You may also order a Phinder security tag through our website to equip your items with an additional layer of security anytime.

By Phinder Members with Lost Property:

If something you own was equipped with a Phinder tag and lost, sign in to the website and adjust your current finder’s reward as you see fit. Review your contact information, location, and nominated next of kin to ensure that Phinder has all of your up-to-date information and will be able to reach you if your item is found. Remain on alert for notifications from Phinder and respond as instructed to initiate the retrieval of your item.

Please consider the means of payment for your reward and the logistical fees to retrieve your item. This will include a fixed admin fee of £10 as well as potential delivery costs. The typical reward cost is as follows: Reward-£50, Admin fee-£10, Delivery cost e.g.-£20* total = £80 *(delivery costs vary by the distance between finder and owner). Please note that the minimum finder’s reward that can be set is £10, and you can raise it as you see fit. The reward amount can be changed any time before the item tag has been reported by the owner. Once your item has been reported found, the reward amount can no longer be changed. You may change the reward amount before it has been reported found by a finder.

Unfortunately, there is no way for Phinder to know of your item’s existence unless the tag has been registered with our system. If you know the serial number of your Phinder tag but did not register it, you may attempt to register it now.

If you do not know the serial number and it has not been registered, then the tag number will come up as unregistered when entered by the finder of your property.

Currently we only operate in the UK, however we will do all we can to facilitate the return of your lost property anywhere in the world. As we grow as a service we hope to provide cover globally!

In the event you are unable to cover the expenses of the property retrieval agreement, we will ask the finder to kindly surrender your property at the nearest police station, public transport office, or direct them to a local lost and found database. As per our terms and conditions, we are unable to assist you with retrieving your items outside of company policy, which is in place for the purposes of safety, anonymity, and customer satisfaction.

At Phinder, it’s our priority to return lost property back to its owner as quickly as possible. However, the speed at which your item is recovered often depends on the finder. After reporting the item found, the finder will be notified of a logistical recovery solution at or near the lost property location. Any effort to retrieve your item will be in accordance with the finder’s schedule and availability. You will also have the option of choosing a logistical solution that aligns with your needs and budget (Post within 2-5 working days, express courier delivery within 24 hours, bespoke delivery within 12 hours).

Absolutely not. Our company policy ensures strict anonymity between owners and finders of lost property. We will not disclose any of your personal information to the finder or any persons visiting the Phinder platform at any time. In the event of a successful item recovery, you may choose to share your experience on our social media, which we will never do without your prior consent.

In the event that the recovered property is not the property you lost, please contact us immediately to return the property to the finder, receive a reimbursement of costs, and initiate a possible investigation.

In the event that your property has been damaged while missing, you may choose to follow up with your insurance broker or the insurance policy pertaining to that item. If this is an unsatisfactory solution, you may choose to return the property to the finder and receive a reimbursement for the expenses of the reward (excluding delivery and admin costs). Unfortunately, it is not in Phinder’s policy to litigate concerns of damaged property between owner and finder. Our platform is designed solely for the purpose of returning lost property to its original owner while ensuring anonymity for all parties.

It is in your best interest to recover the item whether it has been replaced or not. In many cases, the insurance provider may require you to retrieve the item and hand it over to them in accordance with their insurance policy. Please contact your insurance provider and follow their instructions regarding the recovery of your item through Phinder.

About Postage Deliveries:

You will receive your Phinder tag order within 3 working days from the time of purchase.

Typically 3-6 days. In some cases (due to location), post delivery may be the only option available for the recovery of your lost item. You may also select this option as a cost-effective alternative to courier services. If you need to recover your item as quickly as possible, you may select express courier (24-48 hours) or bespoke delivery (1-24 hours) where available.

About Couriers of Property:

Your lost property will be handled by our professional in-house couriers who will collect it from the finder and bring it to its logistical destination, be it to your home or to a predetermined pickup location. Some cases may require us to partner with trusted delivery companies for faster delivery times and in certain locations.

Upon retrieval of your lost property from the finder, we employ a GPS location tracking system to know its whereabouts at all times until it reaches the safety of your hands.


No problem! Simply enter your user email and select “I forgot my password” from the menu to receive a password change confirmation at the email address provided.

At Phinder, we’re proud to serve our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Please feel free to contact our customer support team with enquires anytime.

No. Each Phinder tag will require a 1-year registration fee to become valid in our database. Please register your Phinder tag to ensure the item’s speedy recovery should it become lost. Any unregistered Phinder tags will not be available in our database and your item will be irrecoverable through Phinder.

A single Phinder security tag with 1 year of registration costs £10.

This is always a possible solution. GPS locator software is a brilliant tool designed to track and recover lost property. However, we at Phinder seek to offer an anonymous and flexible alternative by removing all friction between owners and finders of lost property, thus ensuring safety, anonymity, and a reward-based finder’s solution from the comfort of your home. We would never encourage anyone to track down their phone’s GPS signal, which may require travelling long distances and can lead to an unpleasant confrontation. If you do make contact with the finder of your lost property, we would recommend asking them to follow the instructions on the Phinder security tag and website for a safe, quick, and rewarding resolution.

Before applying the Phinder security tag onto your property, make sure its surface area is clean and dry. Peel off the back of the tag and apply the tag to a flat surface using a moderate amount of pressure. Please allow up to 12 hours for optimal adhesive properties to take effect. Do not place the tag near edges or apply the tag to curved surfaces. Make sure that the placement of the Phinder security tag is clearly visible and away from other labels, stickers, or insignia that may cause the Phinder tag to be overlooked. Make sure that the tag’s unique security code and user instructions are clearly readable.

If your Phinder security tag is lost, damaged or unreadable, you may order a replacement tag at the discounted price of £1 including post and packaging. Your existing 1-year registration will be transferred to your replacement tag at no additional charge, and it will be valid only until its original expiration date. If your original registration expires soon, you may choose to renew your 1-year registration at any time.

At Phinder, we are not in a legal position to consider the circumstances of how a property has been lost and found and whether a criminal act was involved, as this can lead to unlimited variations that require an official investigation. This platform was designed for the sole purpose of objective retrieval of lost property from its finder to its owner, and we encourage anyone in possession of someone else’s property with a Phinder sticker attached to make use of our platform regardless of the circumstances of how and where they obtained the item.

Any customers that wish to retrieve their property by means which deviate from Phinder’s standardised process are advised to use traditional methods of lost and found.

Phinder is designed to offer a measure of incentive to finders in order to increase the chances of cooperation and retrieval of your lost property. We cannot enforce our customers to make a reward payment through our platform but we likewise cannot enforce the surrender of your lost property by its finder. Through our unique process, finders and owners establish an anonymous understanding with a reward system that may be declined by the finder but is nonetheless necessary from a logistical standpoint to maximum the chances of item recovery for all customers. You are always free to exhaust all traditional methods of lost and found before committing to a reward system through the Phinder platform.

Yes! Please browse our store to select the perfect tag for your item.

Phinder tags are designed for application on flat, dry surfaces. You should never apply them to sensitive areas such as unprotected electrical surfaces, directly on screens, exposed wiring, over camera lenses, or to cover connection ports. As long as you place the sticker tag in an appropriate location, it will not damage any flat plastic or metal surfaces.

The purchase of a Phinder security tag will include the tag, postage, and a 1-year subscription to our platform (please be sure to register your Phinder tag upon purchase, or it will remain inactive!).

No. The Phinder tag can be removed by carefully peeling the corners of the tag away from the surface. After much testing, we find that small applications alcohol or baby oil removes any adhesive residue that may remain after the removal of a Phinder sticker.

This is possible but not recommended. With every application and removal, the tag’s adhesive bond may weaken and cause the security tag to become unreliable. If you decide to transfer your phone security tag to another item, please be sure to update your item’s information in our system for a speedy recovery in the event of a loss.