About Us

“I lost my phone!” has practically become a byword of the technology age, when access to our digital lives fits—and slips out of—the palm of our hand. After all, it’s not hard to misplace something that fits our pockets, and desire for thinner and sleeker hardware with every generation. Phinder is a digital solution to the analogue action of losing a phone or other possession in a world where simple acts of kindness still go a long way.

Phinder was founded on one simple purpose: taking the stress out of finding and returning a lost phone or item. Sadly, as much as two-thirds of the world’s lost phones are never returned. Some are resold as used. Others are reused as parts. Some just disappear. When most people lose their phones, they often consider them gone forever. This can be extremely stressful, as phones are not only expensive, but much of the things we keep on them are personal and irreplaceable.

A common solution is phone insurance, but that doesn’t return your phone, it simply replaces it (at the accrued cost of a new phone...). There are also inbuilt GPS trackers that may reveal the lost phone location, provided that it has power and is switched on but who wants to go looking for property when it can lead to an unpleasant confrontation between the owner and the finder, police involvement, or other (sometimes costly) legal matters.

At Phinder, we value all lost property recovery methods that currently exists, and wish to complement the process with an anonymous alternative founded on people’s good Samaritan nature. Phinder acts as a middleman between parties, creating a reward and delivery system that keeps everyone safe and anonymous. We believe that, given the opportunity, many of the world’s problems can have a simple and peaceful resolution. So get Phinder — and let your lost phones, laptops and other possessions find their way back to you.

Please contact us to learn more about Phinder and how we’re helping keep the world safer, cleaner, and more technology-friendly today.